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Regenyal Armonioso

It is a biocompatible, bio-absorbable (sterile, apyrogenic, iso-osmotic and isotonic) gel with CE Class III medical device certification for use on the genital area.

General Features of Regenyal Armonioso

The negative effects of aging are not only the most frequently mentioned areas such as the hands and face, but also the problems seen in the whole body. The aging process also causes serious volume, tone and elasticity losses in the genital area of the body. Hormonal changes due to aging stand out as factors that deeply affect women's social and sexual life. Regenyal Armonia provides effective results in both prevention and successful correction of negative changes, especially in the sexual region, without the need for surgical interventions.

Armonioso is an injectable, BIORIVOLUMETRIC gel containing Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid and Intercalated Multifractional free Hyaluronic acid. 

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