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Regenyal Idea

REGENYAL IDEA is obtained by bacterial fermentation, cross

an absorbable Biorivolumetric acid containing bound Intercalated Hyaluronic Acid.

product. Its staying power makes it unique. moderate wrinkles

effective in removing it. The product has optimum elasticity and viscosity.


General Features of Regenyal Idea

- Humidification

- Natural Spread

- Physiological Healing

- Lifting Effect

- Volumizing

- Correction of Middle, Lower Zygomatic and Pre-Zygomatic Area

- Removal of Nasolabial Wrinkles

- Removal of Mouth Wrinkles

- Correction of the Jaw Line

- Removal of Medium and Deep Wrinkles

- Reshaping the Middle of the Face

- Gaining volume to the frontal zygoma region

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