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Regenyal Idea Bio-Expander

Regenyal Idea Bio-Expander is a remarkable Biovolumetry product that provides complete rejuvenation of the face by volumizing and restructuring the tissue. The product naturally integrates into the skin and restores natural forms in an extraordinary way. Rebuilds and renews.

Regenyal Idea
General features

REGENYAL IDEA BIO-EXPANDER is an outstanding Biorivolumetria product that provides complete facial rejuvenation through volumetric correction and tissue restructuring. The product integrates perfectly and follows natural shapes. The product injected into the subcutaneous layer improves the skin in terms of elasticity, hydration, turgor, stimulation and healing of fat tissues. Your body; It is used in Cheeks, Peri-Zygomatic Region, Mandibular Region, Hands and Decollete.

MICRO-CANNULE 37mm 27 G Specially designed to be used with Micro cannula, the product spreads perfectly within the tissues by following the natural shapes of the face. When large amounts of water are withdrawn, the product instantly BIO-EXTENDES, rebalancing the volumes of the face. The naturally intercalated Hyaluronic Acid it contains provides tissue restructuring.

Features of REGENYAL IDEA BIO-EXPANDER are: - Regeneration

- Restructuring

- Volumizing

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