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Body Cream

It is used to maintain and support the positive effects of people who have benefited from skin rejuvenation or peeling treatments. It nourishes the skin, renews cells, provides superior protection and biological cell simulation.

General features

Against skin aging, hyaluronic acid and polyvalent anti-aging factor (PAF)  biorevitalizan

It is a (refreshing) cream. Skin rejuvenation or peel-

in people who have benefited from ling treatments

in order to maintain and support the positive effects

used. Allowing the ri-epitalization of the skin,

have a much longer lasting healing and rejuvenating effects

provides the cost. It provides moisture balance of the skin and

flaking due to dryness and atopic dermatitis problems

resolves them. Hyaluronic content of the stated effects

acid and PAF (Polyvalent Anti-Aging Factor), Palmitoyl

Tripeptide-5, Alga Dunaliella Salina, Arnica, Echinacea,

It consists of synergy of Vitamin E substances.

Therefore, a brighter, moist and lively effect on the skin.

it pays off.



Apply the appropriate amount of cream to the body area, morning and evening.

It is recommended to apply with a gentle massage.

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